Karine Leno Ancellin was born and grew up in New York until she moved to different countries. She researched ‘Hybrid identities’ for her Phd at the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels having earned an MA, with Honors, in Comparative Literature at the Charles V Institute of Paris VII. She worked as a journalist in West Africa for many years and currently is a professor, writer and translator living in Athens, Greece. Along her poetry writing, Karine Ancellin has now turned to literary journalism and publishes free-lance. She is also involved in the promotion of pan-Hellenic Literature and co-founded a poetry society in Athens, Greece with Angela Lyras (www.apoetsagora.com). Some of her poems have been put to jazz music by the composer Leila Olivesi. 

Her poetry collection, The Missing Angle, was published by Riza Press in 2019.

This collection explores the theme of longing in today’s fast moving global world where sentiments are relegated as vintage. Words that took years, months, weeks, and days to get from one partner to the other now fly through in seconds with technology. How does that alter and morph our perspective on love, our perception of the world around us? The author navigates from ancient emotions to the ‘modern’ feelings probed in her poems. This selection of poems is also a tribute in gratitude for the kindness and openness of the contemporary Greek poets the author is involved with via her Athenian poetry society, A Poets’ Agora.