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The beauty of poetry lies in its ability to be simple and yet evoke milliards of ideas and emotions. It gives the reader the keys to unlock his or her imagination, and its beauty is ever-changing. The Missing Angle by Karine Leno Ancellin embodies all these and more. It is a melting pot of living experiences…….


Sam Ibeh


GoodreadsBOOK “The Missing Angle”

An intricately, interwoven journey. Exuding an ethereal yet pragmatic commentary on all that encompasses the multitude of emotions and indelible experiences lived in this time of globalization, one travels literally and figuratively through a world of quantum entanglement. A quest, sending one’s very identity spinning – connecting the dots of what it means to be human. The author gathers shards then astutely relinquishes them, allowing an ineffable essence to persist.



Neon BooksBOOK “The Missing Angle”

What is the “missing angle” to which the title of Karine Leno Ancellin’s collection of poetry refers? A flick through the pages suggests a literal interpretation: each poem is presented alongside a page of visual artwork, usually a piece that is abstract but dreamily suggestive of sea foam, of churning magma… or perhaps of the bubbles that froth to the top of a cup of coffee.

There is, indeed, a missing angle here – what point of view should we take to interpret these images, to decide whether they are safe or threatening, violent or peaceable? Perhaps it is the poems themselves which provide answers to these questions….. 
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GoodreadsBOOK “The Missing Angle”

THE MISSING ANGLE, by Karine Leno Ancellin, has attracted me from the moment, I touched its rubbery cover. The title already promises the subtility of Ancellin’s approach: we have to guess, how much she longs for her soul sister…
This book one day will be remembered as a landmark of those times of virtual globalisation, and the way it reacted on human feelings.
Citizen of the world, Ancellin’s restless mind nevertheles seems to have found a shelter in Greece, diving into the deep, silent water of history, and at times, into the heavy waves of present day’s events.

Sabine Fourguette



GoodreadsBOOK “The Missing Angle”

Not simply a read. An experience. The author joins the threads of seemingly diametrically opposite worlds and leaves one with that element that transgresses time and space and takes us ‘home’- our humanity. This a personal trans-personal impersonal journey through pages posing questions and depicting truths for mankind everywhere today.

Julie Tsimpidis


GoodreadsBOOK “The Missing Angle”

It’s impressive how the mythical and literary past draws close and reaches us, not only as knowledge, but also as experience, something projected and incorporated in our everyday lives. With the crystal-clear vividness of ekphrasis, Karine Ancellin both describes and narrates, and her love of Greece becomes a modus vivendi, a positive proposition; although disenchanted with the modern world, its wrongs and complications, she seldom sounds negative. While reading, one sees the gaze altering the landscape – or rather multiple gazes, multiple angles. Love becomes a canvas that can accommodate any kind of subject, with a full use of the English verse as a rhyming adventure and a delicate pace. The book uniquely expresses the human sensitivity in the digital age and all the confusion of the globalised world; even in the immateriality of the electronic medium, there’s place for the tangible survival of the past, there’s refreshing originality in the treatment of Greek myths…..



GoodreadsBOOK “The Missing Angle”

“Ancellin’s poems grapple with planetary paths and eBay, with ancient myth and the pixellated Skype screen, with caryatids and the trials of life as a permanent foreigner. The virtual and the concrete merge in the Greek landscape, where shard-like glimpses are revealed of passionate love and loss.”
“This is a richly rewarding collection—complete with latter-day, disjointed yet insistent rhymes—by a master-craftswoman wielding the very potent weapon that International English has become.”

Riza Press


GoodreadsBOOK “The Missing Angle”

Karine Leno Ancellin’s poems touch a spectrum of themes – love, eros, longing, humans, society. Reading The Missing Angle, I felt that each single word was selected with the care of an expertise, treasuring a higher meaning, searching a deeper truth, from the ancient gods to the modern world.
I loved it.

Amancaya Χριστίνα


Amazon, BOOK “The Missing Angle”

This collection of poems came as a premonition of the invasion of the virtual in our lives during Covid-19. I resonate with the author’s irony on the how screens ‘guillotine’ our relationships with family and friends. I felt connected to the experiences of the poet, the poem on eBay conveyed the conflicting impulses of buying online, trust the object or be suspicious of its life prior. Some of the poems’ abstract thoughts were within my concerns with our society’s development and reached my own sentiments. An interesting read.

stephen pantano


AmazonBOOK “The Missing Angle”

I enjoyed this read. The poems speak of moments we have all found ourselves in, told through an uncompromising eye. Often indignant, as with the fate of refugees, Ancellin records the micro societal shifts we all experience daily. She singles out our doubts & sentiments, desperately anxious as we are to mold our lives to this whirlwind of fast global technology. Ordinary objects, love, nostalgia for times gone – A wonderful juxtaposition of the ghosts of Greek mythology with our attempts to hold on to a little human dignity in this, our insanely fast-moving world.

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